Marine Surveys

Join Clyde Porpoise CIC aboard their 40 foot research yacht Saorsa for an unforgettable training experience. Explore the wild, rugged landscape of the Clyde, encounter the very best of UK wildlife, learn fundamental survey techniques, all the while contributing to a valuable marine mammal monitoring programme.

Our boat undertakes expeditions – lasting between 3-5 days. Participants will, in effect, become marine mammal scientists for the duration, being trained in marine species identification and visual and acoustic survey techniques. No experience is required as full training will be provided by our experienced crew. All aboard are expected to participate in every aspect of the expedition, including domestic duties. Without the contribution of participants, Clyde Porpoise c.i.c. would not be able to deliver their Clyde Marine Mammal project research activities. uncovering information about local whale, dolphin and porpoise populations and contributing to more efficient marine management strategies.