Kylie the dolphin & the Clyde Porpoises have made it all the way to Melbourne!

In the podcast below you can listen to Mel Cosentino’s journey from Patagonia to Glasgow and how volunteering opportunities mixed with a lot of dedication has brought her to Scotland to collaborate on our Clyde Porpoise project 🙂

Mel is studying for a PhD at the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering based at Strathclyde University.  She is using the data you have helped to collect on the Clyde to make discoveries that are completely new to science.

Listen to Mel explain some of the acoustic science behind our discoveries and how ‘Kylie’ the dolphin and porpoises are modifying their vocalisations to communicate with each other. As far as we know this has never been recorded in the wild and very exciting news. It is testament to the unique and precious marine environment we have in the Clyde.

She also talks about the new ‘Jeiro Award’ that honours a conservationist she once knew. Jerio was murdered because of his conservation work and the new award will help bring attention to the hundreds of conservationists that are killed around our world every year.  We will be helping Mel with this award as plans are progressed and will keep everyone updated.

A big thanks to 3RRR Community Radio in Melbourne and the hosts of the ‘Einstein a Go Go’ program.

You can listen to Mels section about Kylie from 25:16 secs on the 11th February 2018 broadcast but whole program is a cracker and hope you will be tuning in to their shows in the future 🙂