Surveys indicate the current ‘unlicensed’ use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices on fish farms in Scotland.

  • The fish farming industry body, The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation,, released a statement on the 1st March 2021 that the Scottish fish farming sector would no longer be using Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs). 
  • A new study has been published  on 8th June 2021 which confirms that Acoustic Deterrent Devices are likely to be damaging the hearing of porpoises in large areas of Scotland’s coastal waters. 
  • The aquaculture industry online magazine The Fish Site released an article*, on 9th June 2021, which included a tweet from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation reiterating that fish farming industry no longer uses ADDs on Scottish fish farms. 
  • Under European Protected Species legislation and Marine Scotland advice it is a legal requirement and necessity for fish farms operators to acquire a European Protected Species license to operate Acoustic Deterrent Devices at Scottish fin fish farms. 
  • No fish farms are currently licensed by Marine Scotland to operate Acoustic Deterrent Devices.   

An end to unlawful use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices on Fish Farms in Scotland