Experience Marine Wildlife

The best way to understand the Clyde environment is to come on our survey boat and experience it for yourself! We provide participants and wildlife enthusiasts with the opportunity to get out on the water and to explore the coastal and marine environment with us.

Marine Research Surveys

We provide opportunities to participate in marine mammal research and gain experience on visual and passive acoustic monitoring surveys. Participants become our marine mammal observers whilst also getting involved with every aspect of sailing the yacht during a survey expedition.

Clyde Community Sightings

The Clyde Community Sightings Network is a long term citizen science project that collects opportunistic sightings data. This data is being used to determine the status of our marine mammals and raise awareness of conservation issues. You can make a difference by reporting your sightings via our Online Sightings Form.

"No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced"

- Sir David Attenborough - 

Report your sighting!

Have a look at the latest sightings map and select map pins for more information. Your sightings provide 'first-hand' information on the distribution and abundance of our mobile species. This information is being used to promote to help raise awareness and determine marine mammal conservation status. We collate and forward all sightings data to national NGO's and make it freely available to researchers and students. Your contributions are being used to better inform marine management decisions in the Clyde.


Thank you to North Ayrshire Council for agreeing to let Clyde Porpoises address the NAC Planning Committee on 25th April in relation to Hunterston Oil Rig decommissioning proposals and impending impacts to protected species and further destruction of the Southannan Site of Special Scientific Interest. The proposal for this major development have so far managed to proceed without an Environmental Impact or Socio-Economic Assessment. This is contrary to the Ecosystems Approach that underpins the whole Clyde 2020 Vision. Please put the date (25/04/18) in your diary and join us at Cunningham House in Irvine to show your support for a meaningful environmental assessment. ... See MoreSee Less

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